Donate and search for food and used goods

DONYO offers a fast and efficient solution to connect seekers of free goods with people donating them.

Your one stop shop for free goods

Donating to a food bank is a thing of the past. If you’re looking for an easy way to donate online. Anything from food to used toys, books, clothing and everything in between, then you’ve come to the right place. Equally, if you are searching for free goods, then our marketplace can connect you with donors giving away products. Make more space in your home by donating goods. And collect goods efficiently through our app.

  • List your donations. Search for donors

    Help the poor. Help the hungry. Our easy-to-use platform helps you categorize each item by their type of product and location. Making it easier than ever for seekers and donors to trade their free goods.

  • Map and location integration

    Find out quickly and easily the best free goods being given away in your area. Our seamless maps integrations make linking up to collect goods easier than ever.

  • Filter your searches

    Find exactly what you are looking for with our smart filtering system. Organize your listing searches in a range of categories from expiration date, to their distance away from your current location.

  • Connect with other users

    Our platform offers a free message board and integrated chat system so you can connect with other users and make trades right there and then.

  • Check the reputation of users

    The built-in review system ensures you are only connecting with quality users to collect and donate goods with. After each transaction the user can leave a review about the experience they had.

  • Earn points for successful deals

    The app runs on a dedicated point system to ensure you are only dealing with reputable users. Points are gained by fulfilling deals as well as watching ads in the app.

Join an ever-growing community of passionate givers and seekers

We’re not just linking up users with free goods and donations. We are building a community of people that want to help the poor and hungry. A community of like-minded givers and seekers that want to help each other by trading products they are not using anymore.

Cause a real positive impact in someone's life

When you choose to donate food or free stuff online through our platform you are helping someone in need. Our platform is built of the generosity and kindness of others.

An easy to use platform for trading donated goods

The simple and elegant designs ensures you can find free goods as well as donate them with ease from the comfort of your own home

Connect with seekers and donors

Our app is as much as a donation platform as it is a social platform. Connect with other users quickly and effectively through our integrated messaging systems.